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Ensuring your vehicles are available quickly in the right place and at the right time

Vehicle transfers for ensuring smooth fleet business

Our service portfolio ensures the profitable transfer of individual vehicles.

Transporting individual vehicles is a fact of life in virtually all areas of the mobility industry. Companies need vehicles at different sites and car rental companies have to deliver premium cars to the doorstep of their clients, while dealerships also deliver vehicles. Thanks to our broad network across Germany, stable web-based system support, and decades spent on the development of excellent processes, we are able to optimally take care of all vehicle transfer activities.


Our all-inclusive package for transporting your vehicles

We take care of the transfer of individual vehicles, from scheduling to the logged handover to the driver. During the entire process, our contact partners in the Customer Service Center (CSC) are on hand to help if you need to make any changes. Features such as logging of the vehicle condition using an in-house app provide added security and smooth workflows.

Vehicle transfers – a closely monitored process for today’s vehicle fleets

Whether old hands or new kids on the block, the professional organization of individual vehicle transfers is a challenge for all professionals in vehicle fleet business. With PS Team, you have the perfect partner at your side. We have put together the most important steps here in order to show how simple and reliable transfers can be when working with us:

You use our web-based system solution to commission the transfer of vehicles under their own power.
Our CSC team checks whether the order is complete and arranges an appointment with you or your customer.
We transfer the vehicle as agreed and deliver it.
We also log the condition of the vehicle completely and send you the report.
The order is completed on handover of the vehicle.

Your benefits

For decades, we have processed a very high number of individual vehicle transfers, and can thus offer a host of benefits in addition to proven, stable processes:

Commissioning – including of multiple single journeys – is made quickly and easily via our web-based, intuitively operated system solution
Appointments arranged by phone by our CSC team, including confirmation and reminders via e-mail
Punctual pick-up and delivery through our trained drivers
Nationwide network of professional drivers for high-quality vehicle handover
Peace of mind thanks to digitally transmitted vehicle condition reports

Frequently asked questions

Inside Germany, you can have any vehicle driven by us provided it is in a roadworthy, drivable condition that is suitable for the prevailing weather conditions, including its wheels and tires. A further requirement is that it can be driven long distances on highways and motorways.

Naturally, we can also transport your electric fleet vehicles. In this case, the vehicle must be fully charged when handed over to the driver.

Vehicles without a valid registration can also be transferred under their own power. To do this, we obtain the necessary temporary license plates. However, please also note the following:

  • The vehicle must be in a roadworthy condition as described above.
  • We must be notified that the vehicle is not registered during the initial order.
  • The vehicle was not yet due for its first general inspection, or the general inspection is still valid for at least seven days.
  • There must be no vehicle-related reasons for the authorities not granting a temporary license plate.

Our web-based platform can be used both for commissioning single orders for the transfer of individual vehicles and also for uploading entire order lists. We check whether the data is complete and request any missing information. In doing so, we differentiate between three order types:

  • Delivery of new vehicles: We collect the vehicle from the dealership and transport it within Germany. In addition to delivery, we would also be happy to take care of the registration process and coordinating this with the agreed delivery date.
  • Return of used vehicles: We collect the vehicle from the user and bring it to a dealership or logistics site across Germany.
  • Vehicle exchange: We collect a new vehicle from the dealership and deliver it to a user within Germany. Here, we then collect another vehicle and transport it to a dealership or logistics site.

On the following workday after commissioning at the latest, a member of the CSC team will contact you to make an appointment for the vehicle transfer. If we do not reach you after several attempts, we will send you an e-mail with three suggested appointments. You can confirm one of these appointments at the touch of a button via the hyperlink. If you should have a certain date in mind, we would be happy to help. Please note that we require advance notice of five working days in this case.

We log the condition of the vehicle during both pick-up and handover as part of a complete process. This is to your advantage when we pick up a new vehicle at the dealership. If the driver detects noticeable faults, then we will contact you immediately to decide on the further course of action.

We use an in-house software solution for logging the vehicle condition. This takes the driver through a comprehensive inspection process that answers the following questions:

  • Is the vehicle roadworthy?
  • Are any warning lamps lit?
  • Are the wheels and tires in flawless condition?
  • Is the vehicle body free of visible damage?
  • Under which conditions is the vehicle condition logged? (dirt, rain, snow, lighting conditions, etc.)

As part of the inspection, damages are photographed using a digital device (smartphone, tablet). The driver and the person receiving or handing over the vehicle sign the electronic document. In rare cases, it can occur that the representative of the contractual party refuses to sign. This is recorded in the report and we only take the vehicle if you expressly wish us to do so. As soon as the report is finished, we send it via e-mail to all those involved.

We plan sufficient time for both the vehicle pick-up and handover. Together with the vehicle itself, the driver also takes possession of the corresponding Part 1 (ZB I) of the vehicle registration document. Once handover is completed, the driver then passes this on to the recipient. Our transfer service for new vehicles also includes a quick briefing of the user on the most important functions:

  • Setting the seat
  • Lighting functions
  • Handbrake
  • Functionality of the automatic transmission, when applicable
  • Refueling process and correct fuel
  • Opening the filler cap
  • Opening the trunk
  • Opening the storage compartments
  • Checking the oil level and coolant

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