Double financing

Communication platform for sharing asset data

Working together to prevent double, multiple and fraudulent financing

Avoid any rotten eggs in your financing portfolios: By joining our platform, you can identify assets that have been financed multiple times in a timely fashion.

Our tried-and-tested platform can be used in advance to check whether a different bank or leasing company is also financing a vehicle or asset (also known as double financing).


Our solutions for preventing double financing lead to improved risk management, both in purchase financing in the vehicle trade and when handling assets.


Double financing of vehicles

Our solution for the double financing of vehicles protects you against the risk of other financial institutions having a claim on the vehicle before you take out credit on it.

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Double financing of machinery

Our solution for the double financing of machinery can be used to check mobile assets during the entire credit period, thus reducing the default risks.

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As a member of the Data Collect family, you can easily identify black sheep and companies that are in difficulty according to cross-institutional asset data, thus ensuring secure credit transactions.


Reduce your risk costs

Scotch any attempts at double, multiple and fraudulent financing. This has a positive impact on your business results.

  • Reduction of risk costs
  • Sound consideration of risks prior to contract conclusion
  • Avoidance of bad debts

Use our central communication platform

With our platform for uncovering double financing, you always have the latest information on loan collateral at your disposal.

  • Information on vehicles and assets in real time
  • Extensive data pool for reliable results
  • Fast resolution of overlaps in inventories thanks to intelligent workflows

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