Deregistration of
fleet vehicles

Decommissioning of vehicles registered in Germany

Deregistration of fleet vehicles

We take care of standard processes and tricky cases.

The central deregistration of your fleet vehicles can save you money. Thanks to close, nationwide cooperation with selected registration offices, you benefit from optimized processes and economies of scale. Our experienced colleagues ensure that all the associated procedures are completed on schedule.

Digital vehicle deregistration

Discover PS Team's digital vehicle deregistration: a service that saves time and money. Reduction of administrative fees and centralized data availability at any time.


We not only take care of the registration of your fleet vehicles, but also deregistration at the end of the vehicle service life – and all with our consummate levels of reliability. You can then concentrate on your core business and benefit from particularly cost-effective vehicle decommissioning. We ensure that the entire process runs smoothly and to your complete satisfaction.


Just-in-time deregistration

Deregistration of your fleet vehicles is all a question of the correct timing. We ensure that you don’t miss any appointments or deadlines, and that decommissioning is made in the best possible way according to your fleet processes:

  • All deadlines and running times are met.
  • Downtimes are minimized.
  • Remarketing is expedited.

We offer excellent prices

Our proven standard processes are not only reliable and of high quality, but are also particularly cost effective as we pass the economies of scale on to you as our customer:

  • Potential savings thanks to central mass process
  • Time-efficient and resource-efficient decommissioning
  • Streamlined processes with dedicated contact partners at our Customer Service Center

Deregistration black on white

As the market leader in the mobility industry, we not only offer extremely efficient processes, but also outstanding transparency thanks to optimized documentation and various document services:

  • Procurement of relevant documents for deregistration when required
  • Shipping of ZB I to a specified address
  • Combined or same-day individual shipping of ZB II

Decommissioning fleet vehicles

Timely, cost-effective decommissioning

Provided they were registered in Germany, we can decommission the vehicles in your fleet. To do this, we offer two different processes.

The cost-effective classic solution

Are all the documents complete? Perfect! We can then deregister your vehicles quickly and easily as part of a timely, cost-effective standard process. To do this, we need the following from you:

  • Part 1 (ZB I) of the vehicle registration document
  • The license plate with undamaged seal

If everything is complete, then you have the advantage that we are not bound to the local authorities when decommissioning a vehicle. We apply for your vehicle deregistration centrally at a registration office of our choice. This results in tangible synergies and economies of scale, and allows us to pass on the savings to you as our customer.

Feasible, but more complex

If the ZB I or one of the license plates is missing or the seal is damaged, then things are a little more complicated: Here, we have to contact the responsible local registration office in person. We make the time-consuming trips to the authorities, thus avoiding extra workload for your staff. We take care of everything in the background so you can deal with tricky cases in the same way as routine processes.

Convenient deregistration applications

Applying for a vehicle deregistration is just as convenient as the initial registration. You can either trigger the order individually on our system platform or upload an order list in a predefined format such as CSC or Excel. Alternatively, we can also apply for the deregistration if you send us the required material (ZB I, license plate).

Same-day decommissioning as standard

We constantly monitor the receipt of the documents and license plate required for vehicle deregistration. If the requirements for standard deregistration have been met, we process the decommissioning on the same day with a registration office of our choice. If we have to work with a local authority, then the process is completed swiftly in a matter of days.

Different options for the shipping of documents

After decommissioning, the ZB I will be sent to your specified address. You decide how shipping is made. We can either collect the ZB I documents over a defined period and send them all together, or send them individually the same day. We also offer registered and insured shipping options to safeguard against the loss of documents during shipment.


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