Inventory audits

Physical and digital audits for loan collateral

Systematic prevention of default risks

Whether vehicles or mobile assets – our services allow you to keep a close eye on your collateral

As the European market leader in the field of inventory audits, we carry out audits at your borrowers and inspect financed vehicles and machinery according to your specifications.


Take advantage of our decades of experience as inventory auditors! In addition to physical audits, we also offer a digital option.


Car audits

With our wide network of auditors, we ensure that all your specifications are met during purchase financing. You can then rest assured that your financed vehicles are actually located at the dealer.

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Machinery audits

As a credit provider for machinery and other assets, it is essential that you are aware of the status of your collateral. Our asset experts – who are familiar with many different industrial branches – get an overview of the situation on site and document the assets in detail.

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Dragonfly - Remote Audit Solution

Inventory audits can be a costly undertaking for banks and leasing companies alike. With our video app, many audits can be carried out digitally from the comfort of your desk.

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With our extensive portfolio of physical and digital inventory audits, you can increase your level of security while reducing costs. We also offer our support in the field of mobile assets with routine workflows and in-depth expertise.


Utilize the full potential of digitization

Our sophisticated processes for inventory audits are based on user-friendly software solutions.

  • All audit mandates and results in a single system
  • Video app for cost-effective audits
  • Comprehensive documentation
  • Outstanding security features

An inexpensive way of minimizing your risks

As your outsourcing partner for inventory audits, we offer excellent levels of security.

  • Fast on-site response
  • Long-standing expertise
  • Efficient workflows

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