Dragonfly - Remote Audit Solution

The cost-effective digital alternative for your audits

Dragonfly – the solution for long-distance remote auditing

Physical audits can be replaced by our Dragonfly video app.

International markets and corporate structures make it more difficult for banks and leasing companies to keep track of their mobile assets. With Dragonfly - Remote Audit Solution, you can audit vehicles, machinery and other mobile assets digitally and thus increase your reach – and all without time-consuming travel and the high costs that go with it.


Dragonfly - Remote Audit Solution

The versatile video app

In addition to using Dragonfly - Remote Audit Solution for your digital inventory audit, the app can also be used for many other purposes, such as digital declarations of acceptance. The increase in your operating range leads to added reliability and allows you to react quickly at all times.

Your service provider for remote audits

With Dragonfly - Remote Audit Solution, we take on a range of services on your behalf, thus reducing the workload for managing your mobile assets:

Carry out fast, cost-effective online identity checks, rapid audits, object imaging and inspections as part of remarketing.
Place your trust in technology that is the result of decades of experience in the field of inventory audits.
Whether videos or photos, the app is specially tailored for use in industrial applications.

Your benefits

Take advantage of video conferencing when handling your mobile assets and create added value for your financial institution:

Dragonfly - Remote Audit Solution means you are ready to act at all times
Minimal resources needed compared to on-site audits
Comprehensive project support from the European market leader for inventory audits

Dragonfly - Remote Audit Solution

One solution – several possible applications

You can create all kinds of videos and photos with our software application, making it the perfect tool for a host of different uses. After downloading and installing Dragonfly - Remote Audit Solution on your devices, you can then either operate it yourself or use it to commission us with audits of various types.

The video app can be used on smartphones with both iOS and Android operating systems. Orders are scheduled and controlled via the web frontend. Contracts, assets and identity checks can also be created here and the necessary inventory and customer data, contact partners and order descriptions managed. The participants are invited to a web session via e-mail. Once the coordinator has opened the session, the participants log in via a code sent to them and join the meeting.

The meeting coordinator can create real-time video sequences or photos at all times. All recordings are logged with date, time stamp and GPS data, thus ensuring the documented audit results are legally watertight. Following the meeting, videos, photos and the final report can be downloaded and used further as needed.


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