Car subscription providers

Europe-wide, digital all-round package, specially tailored to the needs of car subscription providers

Automated processes – reduced costs

With our solutions, you can outsource your processes digitally and thus avoid a great deal of manual work.

Do the vehicles in your fleet change on a regular basis? Do you want to outsource the associated processes? With our fully automated solutions in the fields of registration, deregistration and logistics, you can focus completely on your core skills while we take care of the complex details in the background.

Services for car subscription providers

In order to meet growing complexity and the required level of digitization as well as increasing customer expectations, car subscription providers can fall back on a large number of dovetailed products.



Fully digital, nationwide, central and decentralized registrations via connection to fleet registration offices

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Document management

Physical and digital inventory management of documents

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Handling of vehicle taxes

Auditing and archiving of all submitted vehicle tax documents and transmission of tabulated data for the customer’s accounting department

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Germany-wide vehicle transfers either under own power or with assistance with the highest service level and digital reporting of the passing of risk

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Selling the THG Quote

Ensure you benefit from the annual CO2 incentive for all fully electric vehicles

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Traffic ticket management

With the PS Ticket process control platform, we can answer reply forms about traffic violations automatically.

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Online deregistration via connection to the relevant authorities

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The strengths of PS Team for car subscription providers

As a process specialist, we identify where workflows can be optimized and streamlined in good time. We see the potential for savings in places where others only develop routines. Providers of car subscriptions love working with us as we develop solutions for the digital transformation of the mobility industry – often in close cooperation with our customers. These are based on our high-performance system solutions.



Whether registration, document management or deregistration, cost efficiency and adherence to quality standards both have the same high priority for our customers. In order to achieve these goals, working together with skilled partners is essential.

  • Punctuality
  • Care
  • Reliability

Service strengths

Our goal is to make the lives of car subscription providers easier while fully adapting digital business methods.

  • Intelligent
  • Ready to help
  • Transparent


With over 3,000 interfaces in our system landscape, we are ideally positioned to take on manual processes on behalf of our customers, put them into action and then feed the results back into their system. The customer can then save on resources and focus on their core business.

  • Synchronized
  • Digital
  • Efficient

References from car subscription providers

We take care of all the formalities, including all of the relevant documents for registration and deregistration of all vehicles at the relevant authorities.

Vehicle registration and deregistration services for car rental companies and providers of car subscriptions p.a.
Vehicle transfer either via shipping company or under own power p.a.
Digital management of traffic tickets p.a.

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