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Printing and sending ZB II and CoC documents is one of the most workforce-intensive routine tasks when coordinating vehicle manufacturers and importers. The process for integrating this step into your workflow varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. With your cooperation, we develop tailored best practices and support you with our reliable, trained staff.


We take care of the entire process according to your requirements and reduce the workload on your administration team – and all without sacrificing on process quality. Depending on the order, we can offer our support with additional services such as the reordering of blank forms.


Fully automated process

Using our system solutions, we print your ZB II and CoC as part of a fully automated process:

  • Provision of files in various formats possible
  • Fully automated preparation and completion
  • Conversion into reusable documents

All-round service for printing your manufacturer documents

As a trusted partner in the car industry, we develop detailed processes together with manufacturers and importers that are a perfect fit for your overall concept:

  • Order management for blank forms at the Federal Motor Vehicle and Transport Authority (KBA)
  • Proactive procurement and monitoring of stock levels

Printing of vehicle documents: transparency and clear documentation

The more cases, the greater the risk of uncertainty and discrepancies. In this case, having an experienced and reliable partner at your side is essential. Using our systems, you can get the latest information on the status of your print order at any time and call up reports of your choice if required:

  • Monitoring of ZB II and CoC forms with monthly status notification
  • Electronic verification as print-out for your documents and as proof of quality

Printing and shipping of manufacturer documents

A standard process with tailored options

Paper is essential when registering vehicles – only when the ZB II and CoC are printed can cars, motorbikes and caravans be sent to the dealership. We can take care of this for you – including processing and shipping. This not only reduces workload on your staff, but also saves space as well. We print the documents at our headquarters on specially designed machines. We take care of the staff needed to process the print jobs. Furthermore, we monitor the printing process, compile the documents and send them out to you.

Printing of vehicle documents: saving space for the essentials

While it sounds simple, printing, compiling and shipping are all part of a manufacturer-specific overall process. As a result, a detailed definition of tasks, process steps and interfaces is needed beforehand. As part of a workshop, we take on the process and define a workflow that is optimally suited to your individual processes.

The lowest common denominator: manufacturer printing as a standard process

In order for us to be able to print the vehicle documents, you first send us the files in a predefined format. Thanks to our pronounced interfacing skills, we can offer you a wide range of different options in this regard. We then prepare your data automatically using our in-house software solution before completing them and then converting them into reusable documents. After a ZB II number has been assigned to the vehicle data, we then print out the vehicle registration, CoC and other documents.

All a matter of trust: handling of blank forms

In principle, it is the responsibility of the vehicle manufacturer to take care of the blank forms for the printed vehicle documents (ZB II and CoC). However, you can also grant us power of attorney to reorder these template forms at the KBA. We then store the blanks at our premises – one problem less for our customers – check them on receipt, monitor the stock levels and reorder them in good time when necessary.

Complete infrastructure and handling of printing and shipping

In addition to synchronized ZB II and CoC printers, we also provide the necessary infrastructure for printing manufacturer documents. This includes individual software for quality assurance and billing. Document handling includes:

  • Folding
  • Cutting
  • Sorting
  • Writing cover letters

Ink costs, DIN A4 paper, shipping preparations and putting in envelopes, franking (excluding shipping) and sending the documents to recipients specified by you are also included. You choose the shipping method yourself. The service includes quality assurance and proof of performance for billing.

Vehicle documents – options in addition to printing and shipping

Other services have proven themselves in practice and can be added at any time:

  • We manage invalid ZB II documents and notify the KBA.
  • In addition to ZB II and CoC, we would also be happy to take care of other documents for you – from preparation to printing, completion and shipping. This includes all correspondence with dealers, including bills, credit notes and letters inside and outside your dealer network.
  • At PS Team, consolidated document printing means:
    • Keeping data ready in a structured way
    • Electronic control of print jobs on shipping days
    • Generating electronic verification as a print-out for your documents and as proof of quality
  • In our database, we store dealer stock lists including the applicable shipping regulations.
  • We take care of replacement documents for you, thus providing rapid assistance when the original documents are lost.
  • Naturally, we would be happy to answer any questions you or your dealers may have on the printing and shipment of registration documents.

Best practices: additional services for manufacturer printing

We have also developed additional services – some together with manufacturers – that we can offer you optionally. For example, the range of printed documents now includes data sheets and tire specifications, warranty cards, bills for new cars, collection forms, bills for spare parts, proof of deposit and premium statements, among others. We check the technical data on the printed forms according to your specifications. Moreover, we are also able to send consolidated documents – in line with complex, customer-specific regulations when required. We can archive your vehicle documents temporarily – such as in case of insolvency – and send documents on a desired date. We can also take care of foreign vehicle documents and documents for special vehicles – from TÜV reports to documents for vehicle modifications.


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