Checking sales bonuses for added peace of mind

Correct implementation of sales promotions

Auditing of programs for promoting sales

Granting bonuses is subject to many different criteria. We audit your sales promotions at car dealerships to ensure they are always billed correctly.

Granting bonuses as part of sales promotions is subject to many conditions being met, including time, quantity, model, vehicle and market. Checking this is a complex and time-consuming task for car manufacturers. With our completely web-based services, we carry out the process on site on your behalf using software to ensure absolute accuracy. At the same time, the dealership receives their bonus on time if they meet the criteria.


Sales promotions

Ensuring bonuses for sales promotions are only granted when they should be

Sales promotions in the form of clearly defined bonus programs are an established part of the vehicle trade and also serve as an important control instrument. The manufacturer can then boost the sales of certain models and thus increase the sales figures. On the other hand, the dealer lays claim to being closer to the customer and more familiar with the market due to their presence across the local area. This then constantly leads to discrepancies. As a result, it is difficult in practice to check whether the recipient is eligible for a bonus for a certain sale or for taking on vehicles in the submitted form, as the promotions come with a host of conditions that have to be met. With our services for applying for and inspecting sales promotions, both the manufacturer and dealership are on the safe side.

Checking the criteria for bonus programs automatically

Checking whether bought or sold models meet the criteria of a sales promotion is not a huge challenge. However, when it comes to auditing a promotion, many other aspects have to be considered: The promotion period is defined. The bonus payment is connected to a certain number of vehicles. Certain markets also have to be addressed. Checking all of these criteria is virtually impossible to carry out by hand, certainly not at the desk of the manufacturer.

This process is a sensitive issue that often triggers discussions. We have thus developed a solution where both parties pull in the same direction to reach a joint goal – namely to sell their vehicles successfully and ensure the sales share for their models is as large as possible.

Only pay out the bonuses that your partners in the trade are entitled to.
Impress your dealers with a clearly structured process and fast payment of bonuses.
Take advantage of our full-service solution tailored to specific requirements.
Leave us to take care of auditing the bonus payments as your reliable outsourcing partner.
Streamline the auditing process while also improving the audit quality.

Your benefits

Using our services for sales promotions, you increase the impact of this important instrument as you can rely on us to ensure that the bonus payments are made with your interests in mind:

Your trading partners are made aware of the goals of your bonus programs
Reduced workload on your personnel combined with a simultaneous improvement in process quality
Overviews and reports for sales management.

Programs for sales promotion

Auditing for targeted bonus programs

The payment of bonuses is audited according to the specifications and conditions you stipulate as the manufacturer. The usual process is to check adherence to these conditions as part of an annual audit. Naturally, it is also possible to commission further audits during the year when required. You can then choose between full audits, random audits or a combination of the two in a special cycle.

Web application

Our convenient, easy-to-use web application supports you during the entire process and comes with a host of different functions:

  • Scheduling
  • Selection of audited cases
  • Documentation of the audit results
  • Print-out of audit reports
  • Validation of the audit report by our back-office team
  • Processing of subsequent submissions and creation of a second audit report
  • History function
  • Shipping or provision of the audit reports
  • Export of the audit data in a defined data format
  • Export of data on chargebacks
  • Blocking of data

You have full access to the documents that the dealer has received, and we provide regular appointment lists and reports on the audit results and also create the audit document for you.

Auditing of sales promotions at the dealer

Our service starts with making an appointment with the dealer over the phone and planning visits to the individual dealerships and branches. We then send the dealer a confirmation of the appointment via e-mail. When at the dealership, we explain the most important conditions and criteria for the corresponding sales promotion to the contact partner and notify them of which processes have been selected for the audit. You specify the scope of the facts to be audited:

  • Is the date on the sales contract within the promotional period?
  • Has the sales contract been signed by the customer?
  • Does the date of the primary and secondary registration meet the conditions of the program?
  • Was the vehicle registered for the customer according to the program?
  • For demonstration vehicles, did the dealership comply with the minimum retention period and maximum mileage?
  • Does the dealer meet the criteria for promoting the sale of demonstration vehicles?
  • Was the part exchange of a used vehicle settled correctly in the accounting system of the dealer? (Purchase and sales)
  • Were promotions for family members and employees correctly taken advantage of?

Configurable audit results

In addition to information on whether a dealer has received a bonus correctly, it is also possible to show the results as a traffic light system. Furthermore, our auditors also carry out a final discussion with the dealer and explain the audit results and further course of action to them. Documents submitted afterwards are added and the entire procedure made available in our web application for importing to the manufacturer’s system. We can draw up reports on demand according to your wishes, such as by sales area.


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