Fleet registrations

Optimized processes for rapid scheduling

Nationwide registrations for smooth fleet processes

System-based registration services from a professional partner with experience of the branch and digital expertise

We can register your fleet vehicles as part of an optimized overall process. Once you have commissioned us with the work, we take care of the rest. Our service package also includes related processes such as document management, plus all conceivable special services, including new license plates and deregistrations.

Digital registrations

Learn more about our innovative solution in the field of digital vehicle registration.


Time is of the essence when it comes to scheduling your fleet vehicles. PS Team is the ideal partner for the focal point of the process, namely registration. We specialize in rendering this service comprehensively, reliably, securely and at maximum speed, as we have refined our cooperation with the authorities over decades and also have the necessary specialist know-how and related systems at our disposal.


Monitoring the receipt of important registration documents

Using our in-house systems and monitoring tools, our trained, experienced staff check the receipt of all documents. In this way, you benefit from optimal deadlines for your registration.

  • Ongoing monitoring of incoming documents
  • Comparison of expected and received documents
  • Physical and digital archiving of registration documents

Complete handling of license plates and important accessories

We provide the license plates, take care of emissions stickers and send the vehicle manuals. In doing so, we synchronize all the processes so that the vehicles can be put into operation as quickly as possible:

  • Continuous assignment of previously reserved license plate series
  • Procurement of emissions stickers
  • Completion of vehicle manuals

Transparent fleet registrations thanks to comprehensive digital support

You can benefit from our system solutions for efficient fleet processes throughout the entire process. This starts with commissioning of your vehicle registration:

  • Commissioning via web-based fleet management portal
  • Nationwide registrations
  • Status and reports can be called up at any time

Keeping a close eye on fleet registrations

Commissioning, document management and dealing with the authorities

Your registration requirements are as individual as the company itself. We not only take care of this according to your wishes in line with deadlines, but also adapt them to your overall process. Once the documents are complete, we are in daily contact with the fleet registration office to monitor the process. You can rely on us to provide smooth processes at all times, together with a very high, guaranteed level of security. As part of mass registrations, we provide license plate series for your entire vehicle fleet. Regardless of where your company works or is based, you can benefit from our excellent contact to registration offices across Germany.

Commissioning via web portal

With our all-round service, we want to take the strain out of manual processes for you. Using our web-based fleet management portal, you can commission your vehicle registrations conveniently by uploading the order list containing the corresponding vehicles. In our integrated document management system, we then generate a list of expected vehicle documents that are needed for registration. This feature allows our staff to constantly monitor the receipt of important vehicle documents – in other words, the ZB II and CoC – and assign them to your order, with our service also including a check of the physical receipt.

Document comparisons for successful registration

Our system automatically compares the incoming documents with the expected documents. To do this, the incoming ZB II and CoC are recorded and scanned. Intermediate storage of the physical documents for your vehicles is made in our secure archive. We integrate the prepared digital scans in our system while also adding an electronic data record. You can check the document status, registration date and deregistration date at any time via the portal. In addition, you are also able to call up and print out reports for management following prior consultation, including the following:

  • Available documents
  • Received vehicles
  • Vehicles ready for registration
  • Registration reports
  • Decommissioned vehicles

From the document to the vehicle

As soon as the vehicle reaches your site or compound, you, the compound operator or the manufacturer register the receipt of the vehicle in our web-based portal via the corresponding interfaces. As soon as the prepared vehicle is ready to register and the vehicle documents are present and correct, the legal registration takes place at the fleet registration office.

License plates for registration

We prepare the license plates for you and assign them in sequence to vehicles from a series reserved beforehand. Of course, personal license plates are also possible, where available. For the registration itself, we take the stored vehicle documents temporarily from the archive. At the same time, we print out the emissions stickers and complete the vehicle manuals.


Once processing has been made by the authorities, we compile the emissions sticker, vehicle manual, license plates and ZB I into a single set and prepare them for shipment to the vehicle location. You can choose from different shipping options. It is possible to send orders completed on the same day with the same address in a combined shipment. We digitize the ZB II again and the ZB I for the first time, and add these to our document archive together with the CoC. A digital scan is available online in our portal.


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