Traffic ticket management

Processing and managing correspondence from the authorities

Reliable management of misdemeanors

We can answer reply forms and take care of the payment of fines and penalties.

Many parking lots are operated by commercial providers who eagerly wait for a parking disc to expire (if it is even put in place correctly at all). Illegal parking in public areas comes with strict punishments, while the legal framework for speeding fines is constantly adjusted. On average, fleet managers receive four tickets each year per vehicle. You can completely outsource the complex processing of traffic tickets to us.

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As soon as you receive notice of a traffic misdemeanor, you can pass the entire process on to us. This results in added efficiency and the prevention of additional costs.


We can take care of the entire process for traffic ticket management

As soon as a letter arrives from the authorities, we manage all of the routine tasks that are both tiresome and prone to errors:

  • Sending cover letters
  • Sending e-mail information
  • Sending information to the authorities
  • Information on other involved parties
  • Separate handling of domestic and foreign correspondence
  • Classification of differences in correspondence
  • Classification and processing of correspondence according to your individual processes

How to save your resources

By outsourcing your traffic ticket management to us, you can put your resources to better use elsewhere. The result is added efficiency for your vehicle fleet:

  • Automated determination of the vehicle user as part of a digital process
  • Time savings due to omission of internal clarifications
  • Cost savings through prevention of late payment penalties and optimization of shipping costs

Flexible workflows and other benefits through digitization

Outsourcing a process such as traffic ticket management not only reduces the workload on your staff, but also comes with various other benefits:

  • Flexibility when exchanging data
  • Individual specification of input fields and escalation lines
  • High quality through actionable document handling
  • Process reliability, including notification of discrepancies
  • Faster process
  • Analysis and evaluation of data for statistical purposes

Traffic ticket management

Digitized transfer of information between vehicle users and the authorities

In order for you to transmit driver and usage data to us, we set up a SFTP directory for your company. We use this transmission method for secure communication. We process the information contained in a CSV file and import it into our system. Additionally, we also require the documents in their original form. We prepare these for further processing and scan them into digital form by recording the following relevant data:

  • Reference
  • License plate
  • Time of the offense (date and time)
  • Issuing authority

We classify the documents in predefined types:

  • Driver information
  • Information letters
  • Processing steps that require further action by the vehicle owner
  • Reminders to the vehicle owner on providing information on the driver or further steps

We compare the data from the official correspondence with your user data and, if these match, add them to our response. We send responses by e-mail to the issuing authority on a regular basis, or by post in exceptional circumstances. All data, including responses, is stored in our web application. You can see this data and download it at any time. The original documents are securely destroyed by a certified service provider.


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