Vehicle transfers either via shipping company or under own power

We bring vehicles however and wherever you need them

From individually ordered nationwide vehicle transfers to combined vehicle transportation – we are on hand to take care of all forms of vehicle transfer.

We take on all of the steps needed until your vehicles are where you need them – from pick-up to the final handover report. As market leader, we have spent decades developing a range of different solutions that cover all forms of vehicle transportation.



Spe[e]dLog transport management platform

Our Spe[e]dLog system solution ensures cost-effective, flexible commissioning and management of vehicle transfers either via shipping company or under own power.

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Transfer of individual vehicles

We can transport your vehicles to anywhere in Germany and Europe.

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Digital reporting of the passing of risk

For your security, we record the vehicle condition on pick-up and handover using an app.

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Transfer platform

The innovative driviva marketplace is a particularly flexible way of commissioning vehicle transport orders.

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With increasingly dynamic mobility comes a range of varying requirements for vehicle transfers. We have a range of solutions for all demands, whether bringing a single vehicle quickly to its next deployment location or transporting entire fleets over long distances. As a result, you have the option of commissioning vehicle transfers according to your own requirements.


The right solution for every vehicle transfer

We have a range of different solutions on offer according to your transportation requirements. Depending on the circumstances, we can offer support via smart tools such as our Spe[e]dLog system solution, or you can register on our driviva marketplace to find the right driver for your transportation needs. In this way, we can ensure that you always have the right service for your individual requirements.


An all-round transfer package

While anyone with a driving license can transfer a vehicle from one location to the other, a lot of people overlook the potential for optimizations, pitfalls and challenges that come with the overall process. Having a specialist at your side that has been a leading player on the market for decades can bring some key advantages. We know the ins and outs of commercial vehicle transfers and have tools such as our digital reporting app at our disposal for eliminating unnecessary problems in the process from the outset.


Precise vehicle transfers

The vehicle transfer is not an end in itself, but instead a small – yet critical – step in a complex overall process. Precision and punctuality are what count most of all here. Thanks to a highly developed quality management system with trained specialists and partners, plus tried-and-tested web portals, we can take care of all kinds of transport orders at the highest level. Anyone who uses our services via our system solutions need no longer worry about whether their driver will arrive on time or whether the vehicles will end up in the right location.


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