Digital reporting of passing of risk

App for reliably recording vehicle condition

Reliable recording of vehicle handovers

App for reporting the passing of risk for vehicles and assets

Good documentation prevents disagreements when picking up or handing over a vehicle. We have developed an app for reporting the vehicle condition on each passing of risk. Many companies now also use the app independently from or in addition to other services from PS Team. The advantage is that everyone involved is aware of the vehicle condition, shortcomings are documented and the report is shared easily via e-mail.


Digital reporting of vehicle conditions:

app for documenting the passing of risk

Speed is often of the essence in fleet business. However, not proceeding with care at sensitive points such as vehicle pick-up or handover can have some significant repercussions. Offer your staff the support they need with software that takes them seamlessly through the entire process. Integrated in our order management software, this app gives an overview of all logged vehicles.

Standalone or in the cloud: app for reporting the passing of risk

In addition to our proven fleet services, we also offer our reporting software as a standalone solution. Your staff and partners are then able to record the passing of risk according to your own specifications. The advantage is that nothing is forgotten and everything is reliably documented. Operation is child’s play:

You choose from either the basic or premium version depending on requirements and company size.
Our software is available as an iOS app, including online guide or virtual assistant.
The users log the vehicle pick-up or handover according to your specifications.
Once the process is completed, the user sends the report via e-mail.
In the premium version, you have access to all reports for twelve months – including individual data and images.

Your benefits

The software we use has to be of the highest standard. This is reflected by the many details in our app for reporting the passing of risk on vehicles:

Available as basic and premium version
Transaction packages for flexible collection of reports
Reports can be adapted individually
User guidance via virtual assistant (premium version)
Assignment of reports via order management software (premium version)
Documents – including individual files and images – can be called up for twelve months via the web portal (premium version)

Digital reporting of the passing of risk

Sharing the vehicle condition black on white via e-mail

Our software for the digital reporting of the passing of risk can be used on any number of compatible end devices. The iOS app is provided ready to use. Also included in the package are instructions for briefing a contact partner at your company on the installation and use of the application via video conferencing.

Definitive documentation of the passing of risk: app in two versions

Basic version

Depending on the number of users, you can choose from one of two software versions for the digital reporting of the passing of risk. The basic version is intended for companies with a manageable number of staff and lower requirements in terms of documentation. All end devices are connected to a single user access. As part of a prepaid model, you purchase transaction packages containing a certain number of digital reports. These can be topped up as needed once they have run out. Using the software, you generate:

  • A reporting type for vehicle pick-up
  • A reporting type for vehicle handover

We would be happy to add your logo and company details to the document. It is also possible to adapt the report template individually according to your specifications and to integrate your own templates in the application. New mandatory fields and validation criteria can also be configured. Moreover, we also offer the option of integrating digital photos for recording damage as an extra service.

Premium version

The premium version of our app for reporting the passing of risk on vehicles is accessed via a web service on a data cloud hosted by our company. The application is integrated as part of a web-based order management software. You receive a defined number of user accounts for both systems. Using the order management software, you can assign to-do lists to your various user accounts (i.e. the staff making the reports) and call up the finished reports with ease. Data that is already known can also be entered in advance:

  • Pick-up address
  • Handover address
  • Chassis number
  • License plate

This data is called up at the start of the process and uploaded to the form. You can then significantly reduce the workload on the user on-site and eliminate possible sources of errors. The premium version of our app for reporting the passing of risk on vehicles can be expanded with additional user accounts. This version also comes with the purchase of transaction credit that can be topped up at any time. Two complex report templates in typical PS Team quality are included, and can be customized as in the basic version. Mandatory fields and validation criteria are already predefined, and digital photos for an all-round view of the vehicle and individual photos for any reported damage are included. In contrast to the basic version, a virtual assistant guides the user through the reporting process. Data and photos are then converted into a concise PDF report and sent immediately by e-mail when possible. You can access the full report plus the individual data and images in our cloud for twelve months. Thanks to integration in the order management software, you have access to completed reporting steps at any time and can download the documents, data and images. We would also be happy to offer longer-term storage, for example in order to comply with retention obligations under commercial or fiscal law.


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