ESG sustainability reporting

CO2 emissions reporting for commercial asset financing

Mandatory sustainability reporting:

Mandatory sustainability reporting from 1 January 2024

On 1 January 2024, companies that are already required to disclose non-financial information will be subject to mandatory sustainability reporting. This obligation will be extended on 1 January 2025 for large companies that are not currently required to disclose non-financial information, and on 1 January 2026 it will also apply to listed SMEs as well as small and non-complex credit institutions and financial service providers. The fulfilment of the extensive reporting requirements represents a considerable additional expense for the institutions!


How does the emissions reporting for leasing and loan portfolios work?

Our expertise in structuring and categorising asset data is the starting point for sector-standardised emissions reporting. We categorise your portfolio data for you and supplement it with audit-proof emission values. A transparent report is then compiled from all the individual elements.

PS DataCollect ESG takes into account all standard reporting requirements for leasing companies and banks:

  • Scope 3 emissions
  • Standard PCAF
  • Optional GHG

PS DataCollect ESG

Data is determined according to precise criteria

Representative, standardised default values are shown for all asset groups. A representative and reliable average value of the CO₂ equivalent and consumption value to be used is determined and inserted for each asset subgroup and drive type. The consumption value per product subgroup can be individually overwritten by the users.

The individualisation of the energy consumption levels is logged by the system and displayed in the report in an audit-proof format.

You receive the sum of all CO₂ footprints of the analysed objects as well as a list of all object subgroups with CO₂ emissions for the analysed period and additionally for a calendar year.

In addition, DataCollect ESG will offer the following functionalities:

  • a PCAF classification 1-5 of the objects
  • Mapping of the objects in PCAF asset classes Project Finance and Motor Vehicle Loan

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