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With over 35 years of experience and all the necessary certification, we take care of all services that contribute to the safeguarding of mobile assets at vehicle financers, plus captive and non-captive banks.

Customer groups

We look after customers from across the financial industry. In addition to captive and non-captive banks and insurance companies, our customers also include financial leasing companies.



Outsourcing services leads to both cost savings and trouble-free business

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Insurance companies

Cost-effective minimization of risks when handling vehicles and machinery

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Financial leasing

Tailored processes of the highest quality at fair prices

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PS Team keeps the financial industry up to speed

Fiduciary management of vehicle documents
Daily monitoring of vehicle identification numbers to prevent double financing
Monthly monitoring of assets (machinery) to prevent double financing
35,000 inventory audits carried out on site each year

Services for the finance industry

In order to meet the growing requirements for risk management and document management regarding the financing of mobile goods as well as current customer expectations, banks and leasing companies can fall back on a large number of dovetailed products.


Document management

Physical and digital inventory management of assets, documents and dealer files.

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Inventory audits

As the leading service provider in this field in Europe, we conduct 35,000 inventory audits annually involving more than 750,000 vehicles.

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Double financing

By automatically comparing chassis numbers and asset data to check ownership, the PS Team can detect multiple and fraudulent financing at an early stage.

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Machinery assessment

The Value Guard assessment tool can be used for the reliable determination of the value of construction machinery, stationary machinery, systems and commercial vehicles in line with regulations.

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CO2 emissions reporting

We categorise your portfolio data for you, supplement it with audit-proof emission values and create clear ESG reporting for your portfolio.

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Allowing access to innovative technologies

We offer our customers the digital services of tomorrow – today! In this way, we can achieve unprecedented increases in performance and stability.

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Customer orientation

Regardless of the service, the customer is at the center of everything we do. This allows us to establish customer relationships that last for many years.

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Trust thanks to customer relationships that have stood the test of time

For over 35 years, we have dealt with vehicles from our customers with the highest possible levels of …

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  • Reliability


Use software without buying it

Nowadays, obtaining software as a service via the cloud has become the norm. This reduces hardware costs and allows the user to access their programs via different end devices. The SaaS (Software as a Service) method is a good option for special applications in particular.


Remote Audit Solution

Anyone tasked with assessing the condition and value of expensive industrial goods or vehicles has to pay particularly close attention. Photos or third-party opinions alone do not cut it here. The Dragonfly - Remote Audit Solution video app replaces physical assessments, without sacrificing on quality or accuracy. Video sessions are planned, conducted and reviewed using an easy-to-understand, clearly structured workflow. The collected information – video sequences, images and reports – are available to everyone involved in the process.


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