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Europe-wide, digital fleet management, specially tailored to the needs of car rental companies

Routine processing of numerous fleet processes

How we can help you to achieve significant economies of scale.

Our services for car rental companies are based on the experience of 35 years in fleet management, with the aim of constantly optimizing processes for vehicle acquisition and return thanks to innovative system solutions.

Services for car rental companies

In order to meet today’s growing price pressure as well as increasing customer expectations, car rental companies can fall back on a large number of dovetailed products.



Fully digital, nationwide, central and decentralized registrations via connection to fleet registration offices

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Handling of vehicle taxes

Auditing and archiving of all submitted vehicle tax documents and transmission of tabulated data for the customer’s accounting department

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With the PS Spe[e]dLog system solution, car fleet managers can order transports and transfers of vehicles flexibly and cost-efficiently.

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Document management

Physical and digital inventory management of documents

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Selling the THG Quote

Ensure you benefit from the annual CO2 incentive for all fully electric vehicles

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Traffic ticket management

With the PS Ticket process control platform, car rental companies can answer reply forms about traffic violations automatically.

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Online deregistration via connection to the relevant authorities

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The strengths of PS Team for car rental companies

For car rental companies, every day where a vehicle cannot be used costs money. When carried out to its full potential, a rental period begins with the timely registration of the vehicle and ends when it is finally deregistered. On-time transfers carried out by qualified drivers also result in maximum utilization of the vehicles. With the PS Spe[e]dLog system solution, vehicles can be moved and transferred in a flexible, cost-effective way. The driviva platform is used to order drivers at set times for the best price with the minimum of fuss. As an expert in complex processes, we take on the various services seen along the process chain and optimize them so that you are able to increase your turnover while simultaneously reducing your costs.



Whether registration, transfer or BAFA applications, cost efficiency and adherence to quality standards both have the same high priority for car rental companies. In order to achieve these goals, working together with reliable partners is essential.

  • Punctuality
  • Care
  • Expertise

Service strengths

You can look after your customers while we take care of the rest. In this way, we make the lives of car rental companies easier while also saving costs.

  • Intelligent
  • Ready to help
  • Transparent

Economies of scale

Outsourcing a service not only means transferring the manpower elsewhere, but also all the associated problems as well. Through established mass processes, we can help you to reduce both costs and processing times.

  • Effectiveness
  • Efficiency
  • Savings

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When it comes to large car fleets, we are your number one contact partner. Most major car rental companies use our services to save costs and increase the possible rental period.

Vehicle registration and deregistration services for car rental companies and providers of car subscriptions
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