Car marketing

Time-saving and cost-saving digital solutions for marketing platforms

Impressing customers instead of routine processing

Registrations, transfers and document handling from a single source

We offer tailored services for every need, with an extensive portfolio for marketing platforms and car resellers.

Services for marketing platforms

In order to meet the increasing customer expectations seen nowadays, online car marketing platforms can fall back on a large number of dovetailed products from PS Team.



Fully digital, nationwide, central and decentralized registrations via connection to fleet registration offices

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Germany-wide vehicle transfers either under own power or with assistance at the highest service level

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Document management

Physical and digital inventory management of documents

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The strengths of PS Team for car resellers

Document handling is one of the most error-prone processes in the vehicle trade. By outsourcing this process to PS Team, quality not only increases but the platform also benefits from time savings and preferential interest rates. As a coordinator of complex process chains, PS Team not only takes on individual services but also comprehensive orders with a range of different characteristics and any number of service providers, both across Germany and beyond.



Whether registration, transfer or BAFA applications, customer service has the highest priority for car reseller platforms. In order to achieve this, working together with reliable partners is essential.

  • Punctuality
  • Care
  • Expertise

Service strengths

You can look after your customers while we take care of the rest. In this way, we make the lives of platform operators easier while also saving costs.

  • Intelligent
  • Forward-looking
  • Ready to help


Outsourcing a service not only means transferring the manpower elsewhere, but also all the associated problems as well. This means the platform can then focus on its core skills.

  • Trust
  • Forward-looking
  • Control

References from car dealerships

Many renowned companies use our services to save costs and increase the service level they can offer their customers.

Vehicle registration and deregistration services for car rental companies and providers of car subscriptions p.a.
Vehicle transfer either via shipping company or under own power p.a.
Fiduciary management of vehicle documents

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