Solutions for the mobility industry

Services, SaaS applications and digitized system solutions for your fleet

PS Team is the perfect partner for your process optimization

Strategy and operations – we are experts in both!

With our sophisticated system solutions, we generate high savings potential and time optimizations through central process management from a single source for large vehicle fleets, full-service leasing companies, car rental companies, car manufacturers and car dealerships.

Customer groups

For over 35 years, our customers have included companies from across the mobility industry. In addition to car manufacturers, car dealerships, car rental companies, car subscription providers, leasing companies and online platforms, we also support many other companies with their own vehicle fleets.


Car manufacturers

Outsourcing services leads to both cost savings and trouble-free business

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Car rental companies

Automated mass processes of the highest quality at fair prices

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Car subscription providers

Fully digitized implementation of mass processes

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Leasing companies

Exploit the potential for savings without sacrificing on quality

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Companies with large vehicle fleets

Smooth management of in-house vehicle fleets thanks to targeted outsourcing

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Marketing platforms

Support in all processes outside the core business

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Car dealerships

We can help simplify vehicle sales through standardized processes.

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PS Team keeps the mobility industry up to speed

Printing and shipping of ZB II, CoC, warranty documents, debt collection forms and other dealer correspondence p.a.
Vehicle transfer either via shipping company or under own power
Services for vehicle registration and deregistration

Services for the mobility industry

We acquire and return vehicles, coordinate your vehicle transport – including international orders – and manage your vehicle documents with great care. 

We also take care of traffic ticket management and more time- and cost-intensive tasks for you. To achieve this, we deploy consistently user-friendly system solutions – for more efficiency and complete transparency in your fleet.


Printing of vehicle documents

Printing, commissioning and shipping of ZB II, CoC and other vehicle-specific documents

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Fully digital, nationwide, central and decentralized registrations via connection to fleet registration offices

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Germany-wide vehicle transfers either under own power or with assistance at the highest service level

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Document management

Physical and digital inventory management of vehicle-specific documents

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Selling the THG Quote

Ensure you benefit from the annual CO2 incentive for all fully electric vehicles

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Traffic ticket management

Digital, automated management of tickets for misdemeanors

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Handling of vehicle taxes for fleets

Automated auditing of submitted vehicle tax documents

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Online deregistration via connection to the relevant authorities

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Sales promotions

Assessment of the success of sales promotions at the car dealership

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Your benefits

Prevent fraud, reduce costs, retain customers


Allowing access to innovative technologies

We offer our customers the digital services of tomorrow – today! In this way, we can achieve unprecedented increases in performance and stability.

  • Passion
  • Inspiration
  • Speed

Customer orientation

Regardless of the service, the customer is at the center of everything we do. This allows us to establish customer relationships that last for many years.

  • Honesty
  • Effectiveness
  • Focus

Trust thanks to customer relationships that have stood the test of time

For over 35 years, we have dealt with vehicles from our customers with the highest possible levels of …

  • Care
  • Punctuality
  • Reliability


Use software without buying it

Nowadays, obtaining software as a service via the cloud has almost become the norm. This reduces hardware costs and allows the user to access their programs via different end devices. The SaaS (Software as a Service) method offers a good alternative for our special applications in particular.


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