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Internet-based vehicle registration

This is how the internet-based vehicle registration i-Kfz with PS Team works:

Learn more about our innovative solution in the field of digital vehicle registration. PS Team GmbH simplifies the vehicle registration process by using the i-Kfz portal of the registration authority for individual registrations and the wholesale interface (GKS) at the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) for mass registrations.

In order to be able to submit applications via the GKS, both the wholesale customer such as PS Team and the authorizer must be digitally authenticated once. The GKS controls the registration and deregistration applications from the KBA to the i-Kfz portals of the registration authorities (ZLB).


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PS Team, as a market leader in the field of commercial registrations, offers the possibility to carry out registrations for all fleets. This required a special organizational and technical acceptance procedure at the KBA and we fulfill all duties regulated in this context.

Our GKS automatically checks whether the vehicle is eligible for registration or deregistration. After a positive check, the application is forwarded to the ZLB, where an automated decision is made that the vehicle is registered or deregistered.

Once registered, the vehicle can immediately drive off with license plates and a temporary registration certificate and participate in road traffic for 10 days. The ZLB receives the order to print the new vehicle documents (ZBII, ZBI), the seals and the main inspection (HU) stickers and sends them to the vehicle owner. Optionally, the documents relevant for registration, which do not have to be in the vehicle, can also be stored at our company. The ZBI, seal and HU stickers should be on the vehicle within 10 days.

Discover the efficiency and convenience of digital registration with PS Team GmbH. We offer a secure and reliable solution that simplifies and speeds up the entire vehicle registration process. Join the digital age and use our digital registration services.


Your benefits

With digital registration via GKS with PS Team you enjoy many advantages

Register 24/7 and start driving immediately
Reduction of regulatory fees
Monthly total invoice
Standardized process for all registration authorities

What does the i-Kfz project imply for the industry and how does PS Team support it?

The introduction of the i-Kfz project brings changes that make the entire process of vehicle registration and deregistration more efficient and advanced.

In this new digital age, PS Team connects all relevant systems to the key account interface (GKS). Our services check in advance whether the vehicle can be registered or deregistered via the digital processes. If the vehicle cannot be registered or deregistered via the GKS, we initiate the process directly with the ZLB via our decentralized registration partner network. If the vehicle is eligible for registration, we directly control the license plate number or the desired license plate number.

Order entry is handled by PS Team's familiar order systems.

After the automated registration, the registration authority prints a new ZBII, ZBI, the seals and the HU sticker and sends them to PS Team. We take over the filing of the ZBII, record data and documents in the vault, create image marks of the documents and stick the seals and the HU sticker on the prefabricated license plates. The emissions sticker and, if necessary, other specific documents belonging to the vehicle are consolidated and sent to the vehicle.

The concept of temporary proof of registration can be used alternatively, but then the aforementioned processes cannot be implemented in the same form. It should be noted that there will likely be a difference between the registration date and the delivery date of the completed package. This is ultimately based on how fast and efficient the ZLB are at processing orders. A constant order status is reported to PS Team. However, through individual arrangements with the larger DMVs, we can expect prioritized processing of our DMVs that have been submitted.

At PS Team, we are continuously working to provide you with the best possible service and to maximize the benefits of the i-Kfz project for you. Rely on our expertise and efficiency in the digital registration landscape.

Digital vehicle deregistration

Discover PS Team's digital vehicle deregistration: a service that saves time and money. Reduction of administrative fees and centralized data availability at any time.


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