Digital vehicle deregistration

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Digital vehicle deregistration

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At PS Team, we are at the cutting edge of how vehicles are deregistered. Our digital vehicle deregistration offers you a seamless, efficient and cost-effective service that is specifically designed to meet your needs. Discover why our full-service digital deregistration is the ideal solution for you.

Reasons for a full-service digital deregistration with PS Team


1. reduction in administrative fees

Benefit from our optimized process that not only saves time, but also money. Our digital solutions are designed to minimize costs and make the deregistration process as efficient as possible.


2. a one-stop shop

Enjoy the convenience of a full-service offering. From the recovery of your license plates to certified destruction and the collection of all necessary data and documents - we take care of everything. Our service ensures a smooth and uncomplicated deregistration process.


3. central availability of all information

After deregistration, all relevant information is available to you centrally. We record the number and security code of the ZBI (registration certificate part I) so that you can access all deregistration-relevant data at any time.


4. no unregistered and uninsured vehicles on the road

With our digital deregistration, we ensure that all processes are legally compliant and reduce the risk of unregistered and uninsured vehicles on the road.


Why choose PS Team for your digital vehicle deregistration?

Efficiency and time savings: Our digital solutions are designed to maximize your level of automation and minimize time spent.
Cost savings: By reducing administrative fees and eliminating unnecessary steps, we help you save money.
Security and compliance: We ensure that all processes meet current legal requirements and that your data is secure.
Start your digital vehicle deregistration with PS Team today and experience a service designed specifically for your needs. Contact us for more information or to start your deregistration process.

Digital deregistration Basic - The alternative

For those who prefer a simpler solution, we offer the "Digital Deregistration Basic". PS Team provides the connection to the key account interface and the necessary systems for uploading data and documents. You simply initiate the deregistration via our systems and receive all the relevant information once the process is complete.


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