Value Guard

Keeping a close eye on value patterns

The solution for your machinery assessments

With Value Guard, you can see value patterns for mobile assets.

The regulatory demands for assessing mobile assets have been tightened significantly. With the Value Guard communication platform, you can map value patterns realistically across the entire credit period and use integrated functions for backtesting your own valuations. Furthermore, you also have access to a range of stored machinery data from certified experts, or you can commission individual assessments or on-site inspections.


With Value Guard – our solution for machinery assessments – you can reduce your default risks through the consistent assessment of mobile assets. Your equity ratio remains solid, and you remain aware of the risks you are exposed to throughout the entire contractual period.


The value of mobile assets gives an indication of capital service capability

In order to do business successfully over the long term as a credit provider, you have to know the value of mobile assets exactly – not only when signing a contract, but also throughout the contract and at the end of the credit period. Value Guard offers a host of assessment and inspection options for strengthening your long-term risk management:

  • Web-based platform
  • Fully integrated in your backend systems
  • Full overview of your mobile assets
  • Data records for portfolio assessments and individual assessments
  • Backtesting of own valuations
  • Definition of thresholds and triggers

Access to expert knowledge

The new EBA guidelines are posing challenges for banks and leasing companies that they are unable to completely deal with using their own resources. Expert knowledge of mobile assets is thin on the ground and asset specialists both expensive and rarely available. Using Value Guard, you can utilize the external resources you need for assessing assets in a targeted way:

  • Information from selected, leading data providers in their field
  • Commissioning of individual assessments
  • Possibility of contacting auditors for carrying out on-site inspections

Achieving a stronger economic position through the implementation of regulatory demands

With Value Guard, you can take advantage of the opportunities offered by the EBA guideline to strengthen your own economic position:

  • Reduced default risks
  • Minimization of equity ratio
  • Exploitation of sales potential in the form of acceptable risks thanks to precise knowledge of the value patterns of mobile assets

Value Guard

Always up to date with the value patterns of mobile assets

Using our Value Guard communication platform and integrated database, you can create and assign value patterns for mobile assets. To do this, you record asset data and information that can impact the value of the asset, such as how often it is used, maintenance, condition and other relevant details. You can call up the value patterns in the system directly. These are derived by the system as part of a standard assessment. A range of different assessment scenarios are stored in Value Guard:

  • The fair market value (FMV) is the sales price at the dealer.
  • The orderly liquidation value (OLV) simulates the monetary value of an asset at a location in its current state. This value corresponds to the actual purchase price at the dealer.
  • The net realizable value (NRV) corresponds to the worst-case scenario – the value that could be achieved in the event of insolvency.

A dynamic data pool for machinery assessments

In order for you to be able to use the option of external desktop assessments or reports following on-site inspection of the asset, we have a wide range of specific asset and assessment expertise at our disposal through our partners, and are expanding this constantly.


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