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Your vehicle documents in safe hands

Whether physical or digital: PS Team is your trusted partner for document management.

We manage your vehicle documents, both in a fiduciary capacity and with system support. You have access to your ZB II (vehicle registration document), certificates of conformity (CoC), TÜV reports, data confirmations and other documents at all times.



Handling of collateral certificates

Coordination of the exchange of data between the leasing company, lessee and appointed insurance company.

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Loss notification

Your point of contact to the Federal Motor Vehicle and Transport Authority: Notification in the event of loss or theft of the ZB II and replacement of the ZB I

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Official Journal Monitoring

Loss notifications checked against stored ZBII documents

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Whether in mobility or financial services, vehicle documents are at the heart of the overall vehicle management process. With our archiving solution and perfectly coordinated IT systems, we are able to offer maximum speed, precision and security. When outsourced to us, your documents are integrated seamlessly into your workflows both physically and as a digital figurative mark.


Maximum efficiency through digitization

Our sophisticated archiving solution allows for the extensive digital mapping of processes. Using our system solution, you can access your archived vehicle documents at any time and keep a close eye on where they are stored.

  • Direct access to your vehicle documents
  • Document status can be seen online at all times
  • Audit-proof storage

Outsourcing management – optimum security for your vehicle documents

As your outsourcing partner for sensitive documents, we can meet all your outsourcing demands at the highest security standards. Our archiving solution offers maximum security and complies with all the associated requirements seen in risk management.

  • Fireproof and burglary-resistant filing cabinets
  • Alarm system with direct connection to the police
  • Redundant data storage with daily backups

Archiving, handling of spare keys and loss notifications from a single source

We take care of all your archiving needs, not only the storage of your vehicle documents but also dealing with spare keys, notifications in the event of loss or theft of the ZB II, and replacement of the ZB I.

  • Increased quality through outsourcing to specialists
  • Secure handling of spare keys
  • Automated shipping on request

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