Handling of collateral certificates

All collateral certificates in one place

Handling of collateral certificates – perfectly prepared in the event of accidents

The collateral certificate belongs in the documents of the leasing company. We take care of the process with the insurance company.

In order to settle a claim, leasing companies, car rental companies and banks need the collateral certificate for the vehicle. Getting hold of this certificate brings its own challenges. Complaints and payment reminders are a regular occurrence. With our service for handling collateral certificates, you are perfectly prepared for all eventualities and can present your claim to the insurance company.


Handling of collateral certificates – perfect coverage in the event of claims

Regardless of whether we take on your entire inventory of collateral certificates or deal with individual cases that occur in everyday operations, our service starts with the transfer, recording and scanning of the documents so that they are securely stored in our document management system:

Handling of collateral certificates

As part of our collateral certificate management, we coordinate the communication and exchange of data between the leasing company, lessee and appointed insurance company.
As a specialist in document management, we are the ideal partner when it comes to handling collateral certificates. We can take care of your existing inventory of certificates and expand this in accordance with your contracts. Full communication and digitization are included.

When delivering the advanced data for the ZB II, you then notify us of whether you need a collateral certificate for the vehicle.
You send us the order signed by the lessee. We then enter this in our system and contact the specified insurance company.
We monitor the receipt of the collateral certificate and, when necessary, send reminders to the insurance company and contact the lessee for more information. We will also notify you if we encounter difficulties.
Once the document is received, we compare the deductible with the data in our system and enter the collateral certificate, which is provided to you as a figurative mark.

Your benefits

We have thought of everything as part of our holistic collateral certificate management:

Management report on all vehicles where there is still no collateral certificate following the expiry of a set deadline
Support when changing insurance companies, including tracking
Return of the collateral certificate to the insurance company at the end of the contractual period, or certified destruction

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