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Prevent fraud, reduce regulatory sums and legal costs

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Increasing own profitability with digital solutions

Digital monitoring of vehicles and standard queries as part of document management help insurers to reduce costs.

Services for insurance companies

Vehicle theft and fraud cause an annual loss in the billions. Our solutions for insurance companies not only prevent financial losses but help to reduce operational costs as well.


Machinery assessment

The Value Guard assessment tool can be used for the reliable determination of the value of construction machinery, stationary machinery, systems and commercial vehicles in line with regulations.

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Double financing

Insurers can reduce their regulatory costs with the PS DataCollect asset register. This helps them discover movable goods reported as stolen in their financing portfolios.

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Inventory audits

With our digital applications, insurers document incurred damage claims with pictures and videos. The Dragonfly video app facilitates the object check, since the person in charge can document the condition of the vehicle without having to be personally on site.
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Document management

We can take care of complex collateral certificate handling as part of our document management services.

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CO2 emissions reporting

We categorise your portfolio data for you, supplement it with audit-proof emission values and create clear ESG reporting for your portfolio.

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The strengths of PS Team for insurance companies

As a process specialist, we identify where workflows can be optimized and streamlined in good time. We see the potential for savings in places where others only develop routines. With our sophisticated system solutions, PS Team generates high savings potential as a strategic and operative partner for insurers.



Whether for inventory audits, avoiding double financing or machinery assessments, security has the highest priority for insurers. In order to meet these requirements, working together with reliable partners is essential.

  • Care
  • Reliability
  • Stability

Service strengths

Our goal is to make the lives of insurers easier while also helping them to save costs.

  • Intelligent
  • Ready to help
  • Transparent

Digital expertise

We not only bring decades of experience in risk management to the table, but also outstanding digitization expertise

  • Expertise
  • Foresight
  • Adaptability

References from insurance companies

Numerous insurance companies trust our quality and service strength.

Fiduciary management of vehicle documents
Number of vehicles for 35,000 inventory audits on-site p.a.
Daily monitoring of vehicle identification numbers to prevent double financing

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