Official Journal Monitoring

Loss notifications checked against stored ZBII documents

Peace of mind for your security:

Daily comparison of the entire stored ZBII inventory with the ZBII documents published in the Official Journal for loss notification

Unfortunately, there is always a risk that the owner of a vehicle has had a replacement ZBII issued, out of ignorance or with dubious intentions, without the financing institution having the opportunity to raise an objection and without even having received any information about it. This means that the documents held by the bank are no longer valid. If the owner has malicious intentions, they could, for example, sell the vehicle or finance it several times and the financier loses the security for the vehicle.

Our Official Journal Monitoring offers a process that quickly checks of the information provided by the KBA and enables us to enforce an equally swift block at the registration office. Our many years of expertise have helped us build up a extremely strong network with the registration offices and the KBA and we can therefore act very quickly in an urgent situation.


How does Official Journal Monitoring work?

On a daily basis, PS Team uses the ZBII number to compare the entire stock of ZB IIs in its inventory stored securely for the customer against the ZB IIs published for loss notification in the Official Journal.

In the event of a match between a ZB II published for loss notification and a document from your inventory, PS Team will inform you immediately and request information from the responsible local registration office about the applicant and the reason for the loss notification.

If there is a response from you and/or the registration office within the loss notification period, the other party will be informed of the facts.

If you decide to file an objection, PS Team will take charge of coordinating with the registration office about the shipping of the ZB II in the inventory. We will also be happy to assist you to coordinate with the responsible local authority regarding the potential reporting of a crime (for submitting a false declaration in lieu of an oath) committed by the applicant.


Your benefits

Official Journal Monitoring is an integral part of the overall process for handling vehicle documents as part of our document management system.

Stored documents retain their validity
Control function for self-submitted loss notifications
The loan collateral for the asset remains in place
Information about official loss notifications (transfer of ownership to insurance company)
Information about loss notifications after auctions

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