Loss notification

Rapid, systematic loss reports

Rapid notification of lost vehicle documents

As an outsourcing partner for your document management, we offer assistance when it comes to loss notifications for the ZB II (vehicle title) and replacement of the ZB I (vehicle registration).

In the unlikely event of your vehicle documents being lost, stolen or damaged, we can take care of the official loss notification for the ZB II and help you to replace the documents. Taking over the official loss notification at the responsible registration office results in a reduced operational workload while also ensuring you adhere to legal requirements before receiving new documents at the end of the official objection period.


A routine process in difficult times

Documents can get lost in the fast-paced fleet business. This is in addition to vehicle theft, which is still one of the most common crimes committed. Our document management services can be a huge help in dealing with these challenging cases. As soon as you have notified us of the loss, our routines kick into action. You are also on the safe side when it comes to legal issues, and all without time-consuming additional tasks for your staff.

Your partner for loss notifications: systematic reminders

In addition to the largely automated storage of vehicle documents, spare keys and vehicle-specific materials, we can also take care of the loss notifications for Part 1 and Part 2 of the vehicle registration documents (ZB I and ZB II). Our systems are not only perfectly tailored to deal with this, but our staff are familiar with the formalities at the authorities and can work through them quickly and reliably.

Loss notifications can be taken care of with our system solutions.
Don’t worry about annoying deadlines and schedules – we will keep an eye on everything for you.
Take action according to all the applicable legal regulations, without added internal workloads.
You will receive your replacement documents as quickly as possible.

Your benefits

Loss notifications are an integral part of the overall process for handling vehicle documents as part of our document management system.

Uncomplicated processing of loss notifications via our document management system (DMS)
Guaranteed legal security
Adherence to deadlines, with reminders and escalation paths
Monitoring of incoming documents and reminders
Individual handling of replacement documents according to your specifications

Loss notification process

Reporting and replacing lost ZB I + ZB II

The function for registering ZB II loss notifications is integrated in our DMS. As a result, your staff don’t need to leave their familiar working surroundings to notify us of a loss. All that customers are required to do is give us power of attorney for handling lost, stolen or damaged vehicle documents as part of the user administration process. When all requirements are met, we swiftly draw up the loss notification file.

To do this, we usually require the following documents:

  • Power of attorney
  • Affidavit taken by a notary or at the registration office
  • Part 1 (ZB I) of the vehicle registration document
  • Notification of general inspection and security check

As the loss notification must be made via the responsible authorities, the individual documents that have to be submitted depend on the corresponding registration office. In certain circumstances, other documents such as reports from the technical testing center may be requested. We then consult with the authorities and inform you by e-mail as to what other documents you will have to provide.

Preparation and notification

We monitor the receipt of the requested documents and check that they are complete. If necessary, we will remind your staff about the missing documents on a weekly basis. As soon as we have all the documents, we send them to the responsible registration office. Every day, we check whether the loss notification has been published on schedule in the official journal (Verkehrsblatt) of the Federal Motor Vehicle and Transport Authority (KBA). We clarify the procedure for replacing the ZB I with the registration office and, once the objection period following publication has elapsed, take possession of the replacement documents. These are either kept in our archive or are handed over to you, as required.


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