System-based management of vehicle transport

Spe[e]dLog – your solution for vehicle transport

Using our vehicle transport platform, customers and contractors coordinate the entire transfer process.

Transporting vehicles is part of everyday life in fleet management. With Spe[e]dLog, fleet staff and service providers are able to carry out the entire process consistently using a single platform. This complete solution for logistics and communication makes life considerably easier for all those involved. Streamlined processes help to reduce costs at various points.


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A single solution for both customers and service providers

The customer and service provider work closely together from the initial transport order to final reporting. Their joint goal is for the vehicle to be handed over on time and in the right place. A complete solution for logistics and communication has to offer both sides what they need for mastering their everyday work:


There are many different parties involved in the process of bringing a vehicle from point A to point B. Our platform brings all of these parties together.

The car rental company is focused on time and money. Their goal is to bring the right car to the right place at the right time. The manufacturer wants to coordinate the transfer of new vehicles. The shipping company keeps a close eye on their capacities and is always trying to optimize them. Time is also money here too, which is why they need a solution for coordinating how the individual transport orders are carried out. Fast settlement of bills also has a positive impact on liquidity. The dealer requires a communication platform for announcing and coordinating collections. In order for the importer to be able to work with the solution, it has to be multilingual and able to process foreign currencies. We launched the Spe[e]dLog platform to meet all of these different goals and requirements. It has been an integral part of fleet business for decades and is still being constantly developed to this day.

The people responsible are tasked with finding the most cost-effective provider for a transport order, and also ensuring that billing is made correctly.
The service provider must carry out billing rapidly and try to complete orders in such a way that they can benefit from economies of scale.
Fleets and shipping companies are also involved in tendering. Both parties are always on the lookout for new service providers and customers.
Efficient communication is essential for the smooth transportation of vehicles, from pick-up through to handover.
Service providers expect a high degree of process accuracy.
Commissioning and order acceptance should be as simple as possible.
Both parties need reports, plus a solution that keeps them informed about the status of an order at all times.

Your benefits

With the Spe[e]dLog platform for transport orders, both fleet managers and service providers can benefit from a win-win situation:

Overview of all transport orders for both parties
Faster processing throughout the entire workflow – from commissioning through to sending bills and making payments
Potential for cost savings exploited to its full potential: economies of scale lead to optimizations in terms of costs, time spent and quality

Vehicle transportation

Spe[e]dLog – the all-round system for customers

The Spe[e]dLog platform has SSL protection, is multilingual and compatible with multiple customers. You can use it to work together with your own trusted service providers and have the option of adding to your pool of providers at any time. The web-based expert system suggests the best service provider for the job. You can decide whether you want to receive suggestions according to existing contracts, or whether all service providers in the system should be checked for suitability. You can specify various price models and combine them as you wish. Spe[e]dLog generates reliable calculations and has a flexible control system for recurring tasks.

As a communication platform for assigning and accepting orders and providing status information, the platform creates transparency and allows for streamlined processes. Orders can be entered conveniently via a user-friendly interface, with fully electronic operation and without duplicate entries.
Various order types are planned, from simple individual orders through to comprehensive international tenders. Both the workflows and communication options plus the range of information and how it is displayed can be configured individually.

You have access to different functions and information via the integrated reporting tool, including the following:

  • Tracking of the order status and activities
  • Maximum transparency of all information, tasks and trips
  • Single reports and recurring individual reporting
  • Various analysis options, such as incurred costs, time spent, and quality
  • Rule-based, automatic service provider rating

A credit system is also included in the solution. This converts bills into credit, manages extraordinary costs and does away with costly and time-consuming audits. Spe[e]dLog detects the following using a rule-based system:

  • Cost centers
  • Cost units
  • Accounts
  • Subaccounts

You can create orders using a rule-based system and assign them according to various criteria, such as time, quality, defined rules and location information. Empty trips and cancellations can also be managed in real time and subsequent processes initiated via a trigger system. You can specify the dual-control principle and define individual roles and rights. A status app also gives you the possibility of getting the latest information on vehicle transportation when on the move. Spe[e]dLog can be integrated however you choose via the multipurpose interfaces. Thanks to full historization, you can also access data and tasks from the past when needed.

Spe[e]dLog – the all-round system for service providers

As service provider, you benefit from a detailed, structured exchange of data with your customers, not to mention reliable rules for assigning and accepting orders. A dashboard displays important KPIs that are directly linked with the corresponding process. Versatile search agents simplify trip optimization. You can adjust the application to your requirements as part of the standardized system environment. With Spe[e]dLog, you can plan your orders better and see your daily work at a glance. Empty journeys are reduced and you increase both your profits and capacities. The billing process is simplified thanks to complete document and expense management, plus the credit system. A rule-based service provider rating ensures a fair assessment. You can exchange data from the application directly with your existing systems and also initiate document uploads and downloads and subsequent processes via the web services, and all without media discontinuities. Using your mobile device, you can manage status changes and completed tasks, and you also have access to fully integrated document and damage management.


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