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Inventory audits in purchase financing

Car audits – secure vehicle financing

As the European market leader in the field of inventory audits, we are the ideal partner for secure purchase financing.

Banks and leasing companies are increasingly obliged to keep a close eye on their mobile assets and to audit them on a regular basis. However, reserving expensive resources for the inventory audit itself is not recommended. As your experienced outsourcing partner, we audit the process according to your specifications. This allows you to reduce your internal costs and adapt the audit frequency flexibly according to current risk levels.

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Car audits

Web-based ordering of inventory audits – audit results can be called up at any time

Using our web-based system, you can carry out audits at car dealerships quickly and transparently. All information is entered once only and the dealer data is changed centrally in line with data economy principles. After we have audited your financed vehicles according to your specifications, you can call up the results and audit reports conveniently via the portal.

Fair, reliable, transparent – vehicle audits at the dealer

We have the necessary soft skills when it comes to carrying out inventory audits at your customers with discretion and transparency. You can rely on us to deliver a flawless, professional audit process, from arranging the appointment to the audit itself, all the way through to documentation and signing off the audit at the dealer.

Our auditors always keep a cool head, even when an audit is challenging. Whether ad-hoc inspections or routine checks planned long in advance, car audits are ordered depending on your needs, meaning reduced risks in purchase financing.

Benefit from our full-service audits – scheduling, visits and documentation from a single source.
Enjoy the peace of mind provided by individually scalable audit capacities.
Choose from our pool of experienced auditors who specialize in inventory audits.

Your benefits

Vehicle financing comes with high risks in terms of losses and defaults. With our car audits, you have added peace of mind:

Full cost control
Protection against fraud and delays in filing a petition for insolvency
Unencumbered partnership with your dealers

Car audits

Inventory audits – the best solution for time-consuming standard processes

Our car audits start with a smooth handover of data. In the first step, we create the dealer number and add the company details, address data of the head office and contact partner at the dealership. You then notify us of the details of the vehicles that should be audited:

  • ID number
  • Manufacturer
  • Model
  • Vehicle location
  • Additional specifications, such as billing and order confirmation
  • Financing method

Data is exchanged either via Excel list or an order-specific inspection proxy. You can also enter the information directly in our system. You can assign physical inventory audits via the web portal.

Car audits: a visit to the dealership

Our auditors inform the dealership of their upcoming visit in good time. If the contact person at the dealership is not in agreement, then we will inform you by phone. Before auditing the vehicles, we show the dealership a power of attorney to legitimize our visit. We then discuss how the audit will take place and explain what exactly will be inspected. Finally, we determine whether the vehicles are currently located at another branch of the dealership and inspect the handover documents where necessary. We use a verification key directory for the audit. Vehicles are identified according to their vehicle identification number (VIN).

Audit completion and documentation

After we have explained the results to the dealer, the authorized signatory signs the audit report. The name of the signatory is clearly indicated on the document. The dealer receives a copy of the audit documents on request. We then send the results to you immediately by e-mail. Added documents such as agreements on transfer of use are scanned in and then also sent by e-mail. The original documents are then archived for a specified period of time, after which they are destroyed following advance notification via e-mail.


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