Spare key handling

Management of vehicle-specific materials

Spare keys and accessories

Securely stored across the entire service life of the vehicle – all vehicle-specific materials in one place

In addition to registration documents, a range of additional materials also have to be stored throughout the service life of your fleet vehicles. It is recommended to archive these together with the vehicle documents so that they don’t go missing when returning a vehicle, which would otherwise pose an obstacle to quick reselling. Our spare key archive meets the strictest logistics demands.


Documents, keys and accessories in one place

Right from the outset, it quickly became clear that the spare keys for fleet and leasing vehicles also had to be stored in one place as part of a strictly regimented process. This was in addition to a growing number of vehicle-specific materials. With our holistic system consisting of a physical archive and digital document management system (DMS), we are able to offer a practical solution to this challenge.

Reduced workload for staff in operations

You can significantly reduce the operational workload for your staff by storing your spare keys and all vehicle-specific accessories centrally at PS Team. In doing so, we guarantee that all materials are clearly assigned to your vehicle at all times. Guessing which key belongs to which car is now a thing of the past. Naturally, we also provide binding service level agreements for the retrieval of vehicle-specific materials, meaning the vehicles can be passed on for remarketing without delay.

Store vehicle documents, spare keys and vehicle-specific materials in a secure, central location.
The materials are clearly assigned to the corresponding vehicle at all times.
Benefit from streamlined processes and strict adherence to deadlines for efficient fleet management.
Has the original vehicle key been lost? No problem – simply get in touch with us and we will send the spare key immediately to the vehicle location.

Your benefits

Working together with a specialist really pays off when it comes to the small things. Your documents and materials are in safe hands with us – as we deal with a huge number of cases in this field, all of our employees are well versed in the associated processes.

Secure storage of spare keys and vehicle-specific accessories
System support for the storage of your spare keys and materials in our archive solution
Punctual delivery for streamlined remarketing processes
Fast shipping of keys to the vehicle location

Spare key handling

Spare keys and vehicle-specific materials – safely stored until the vehicle is returned

We also usually take on the storage of spare keys and vehicle-specific documents as part of vehicle document management. To do this, you send us a list of the accessories electronically. This clearly states which vehicle the individual item belongs to. Usually, the vehicle identification number (VIN) is sufficient here. Using this list, we then compare the keys and other materials when we receive them.

Spare keys and accessories – securely stored and insured

You can send the list via upload or SFTP file transfer, depending on your IT infrastructure. We record the materials accompanying the vehicle document in our document management system (DMS). These are then stored safely in our restricted, alarmed archives. Both the spare keys and vehicle-specific materials are insured up to their replacement value.

Same-day retrieval of vehicle-specific materials

You can commission the retrieval of spare keys and accessories in line with auditing standards and shipping – regardless of whether the materials are leaving our archive temporarily or permanently. You are free to choose which shipping option you require. The archiving and movement status of spare keys and vehicle-specific materials can be called up at any time in our DMS during storage and up to twelve months after retrieval.


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