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vehicle documents

Safely stored and available at all times

Every vehicle document in its correct place

Document storage at PS Team – economies of scale for both mobility providers and financers

In fleet business and vehicle financing, the secure storage and punctual availability of documents are just two of the main challenges. As part of an overall process that has been well thought out in terms of logistics, we can store, transfer and outsource documents such as ZB II (vehicle registration document), certificates of conformity (CoC), TÜV reports, data confirmations and others.


Archiving solutions

Highest levels of security and low loss rates

A systematic outsourcing solution: Our sophisticated archiving solution for your documents is well thought out in terms of logistics, and speeds up the registration and deregistration of fleet vehicles. In doing so, we meet the highest security requirements, including storing your ZB II, CoC and reports in fireproof and burglary-resistant filing cabinets. As a reliable outsourcing partner, we can help with the compliance of your outsourcing management. Our archive solution is designed to bring together maximum protection, optimal efficiency and smooth logistics.

Using digital products for the efficient archiving of registration documents

A solid base thanks to software: We have been developing system solutions for archiving vehicle documents long before digitization also became a hot topic in the mobility, banking and leasing industries. As a result, you can now benefit from sophisticated, proven, stable processes when storing, transferring and outsourcing your documents.

Once your vehicle registration documents have been physically stored, a complex process begins that allows you to see your documents online at any time. Regardless of where your documents are, our system solution provides information in real time on the current status. Scheduling or remarketing are then no longer affected by the location of a document.

Access all of your vehicle documents digitally.
Keep a close eye on the status of your documents at all times thanks to our user-friendly system solution.
Use our archive solution for the faster processing of registrations and deregistrations.
Benefit from risk management of the highest standard.
Rely on our security infrastructure for meeting your compliance requirements.

Your benefits

We have thought of everything – the archiving of your registration documents is the sum of decades of expertise.

Short distances with no waiting times
Filing cabinets and alarm systems with direct connection to the police
Redundant data storage in RAID systems (redundant array of independent disks) and daily backups
We also store spare keys and accessories in addition to documents
No losses, high process quality, audited workflows and systems
We are measured according to the service levels we agree on together with you

Archiving of vehicle documents

System-based archiving solution for secure document handling without media discontinuities

The physical storage of vehicle documents is only a peripheral process at mobility and financial service providers – which is where our refined mass processes come in. We guard each individual document as if it were gold. We manage key registration documents together with other vehicle-specific documents in fireproof and burglary-resistant filing cabinets, and manage them in a fiduciary capacity. All rooms in our archive have an alarm system with direct connection to the police. This corresponds to the level seen at institutions with bank status.

Web-based document management system

Using our web-based document management system (DMS), you can …

  • give advance notice of vehicle documents to be stored by sending us handover lists
  • order the temporary or final withdrawal of documents in line with auditing standards
  • order the consolidated shipping of multiple sets of documents to a mailing address
  • monitor the return of temporarily withdrawn documents and initiate reminders, if necessary
  • follow the current and past archiving and movement status
  • access digitized registration documents reliably

Secure, definitive archiving of registration documents

In addition to comprehensive measures for increasing data security, we have incorporated work steps in the process to ensure that your vehicle documents are handled appropriately. Employees compare the documents with the handover list on receipt and send notification in the event of any discrepancies by e-mail.

Recording of vehicle documents

Following receipt, we scan the ZB II (vehicle registration document) and record it in our DMS. Here, we concentrate on the data that will be important in future processes on your behalf. After recording, you can access the data record with the corresponding figurative mark at any time.

Shipping of vehicle documents and reminders

The archiving process for vehicle documents is rounded off by additional services. For example, we send the documents once they are temporarily or finally withdrawn and send reminders for any missing documents. We will notify you if the documents are still not received by the end of the reminder period.

Your archiving in safe hands – additional services for your overall process

We would be happy to arrange additional services for integrating document handling into your overall business process:

  • Workshops for determining your specific requirements and specifying individual steps
  • Other accompanying documents in your corporate design
  • Special shipping types, such as fixed deliveries or collection by courier, express post or mail
  • Fiduciary services
  • Archiving of additional documents, data confirmations, TÜV reports, etc.
  • Archiving of foreign documents
  • Dual-control principle on several levels
  • Consolidated ordering
  • Web service interfaces
  • Loss notification of documents
  • KBA monitoring
  • Tracking of double financing

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